RTL Crimping Tool

Our crimping tool manufacturer sells their tools worldwide, under a broad range of OEM brand names, such as GC Waldom, and Tool Aid, among many others. The tool pictured below is the only model of ergonomic crimping tool from that manufacturer that offers a patented 30% reduced-compressive-force design, for ease of prolonged use. We're in our third year of retailing it. The 30% reduced hand force results from this tool's patented re-design, not from it being "ergonomic." "Ergonomic" only means that a tool is designed to easily fit a human hand. The term has nothing whatsoever to do with efficiency of mechanical design. While any ergonomic crimping tool will be easier on the hands than a non-ergonomic tool will, it won't offer the same large level of hand-force reduction that this particular tool does.

We buy these tools factory-direct, by the pallet load, and we pass our factory-direct purchasing savings along to our customers.  If you can even find this same tool and die set combination retailed anywhere else in the U.S., the odds are that the price for the complete tool and die-set combination will be noticeably higher than ours. Our goal is to provide you with a good reliable tool that allows our terminals to be correctly installed, without you having to pay an arm and a leg for it.

Are there better crimping tools out there? Of course! But, do you want to spend hundreds of dollars on a crimping tool that's FAA-certified and intended for aircraft repairs, when our tool will produce results that are totally indistinguishable from the original factory wiring-harness crimps on your earthbound vintage Japanese cycle, truck, or car? You may drive, or ride, like a low-level flyer, but you don't have to repair your wiring with an expensive tool that's intended for working on a fighter jet! And our factory-certified tool will produce those crimps with 30% less compressive hand-force required. We will fully refund your original purchase price for this tool, if you're unhappy with it, or are unable to teach yourself how to use it. Just ship it back in undamaged condition. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Our tool comes with a standard die-set for open-barrel (F-Crimp) terminals. This standard open-barrel die set will crimp every terminal that we retail on this site, except for the 3.5mm TS2 triple socket terminal.

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IMPORTANT: NEVER use your RTL crimping tool on a live circuit, especially in the presence of liquid gasoline or gasoline vapors! Fire, personal injury, and electrical-component damage can occur!


Supplemental Die-Sets

Our RTL ergonomic ratcheting crimping tool comes fitted with a standard open-barrel die-set that handles wire from 22-10 AWG in diameter. That die-set will handle every terminal that we sell on this web site, except for the 3.5mm TS2 triple socket terminal, which must be hand crimped and soldered. We also offer the three supplemental die-sets that are illustrated and described below. Adding die-sets greatly expands the versatility of your crimping tool at a small fraction of the cost of purchasing additional dedicated tools. The extra die sets can be used for things like appliance repairs, home stereo installation, auto wiring repairs, and some types of household wiring repairs.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These die sets are designed to fit our RTL crimping tool. We don't know what other crimping tools these die sets might or might not fit. So, we can't help you when you ask us if our die sets fit some other brand of crimping tool that we don't stock. We won't spend $75-150 each to buy other inferior brands of crimping tools, just to see if our die sets fit on them. Therefore, if you buy one or more of these die sets and they don't properly fit your other brand of crimping tool, all we can do is to refund the purchase price of the die sets, provided that they're returned to us at your shipping cost, in undamaged and re-saleable condition. We don't refund the price of visibly worn or damaged die sets.

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Open-Barrel Die-Set

Our Open-Barrel die-set is shown above (p/n DSA). We don't sell this as a piece-part, because it comes standard on our RTL crimping tool. It handles open-barrel terminals from 22-10 AWG, including EVERY crimp terminal that we sell on this site, save for the 3.5mm triple-socket terminal. That terminal must be soldered into place, as there is no die set available that will fit it.

In other words, you do NOT need to buy any additional die sets to use the terminals that we sell on this site. We only offer the optional die sets at the request of those who wish to expand the use of their RTL crimping tool for things like car stereo installation, home electrical repairs, appliance repairs, etc. With the right choice of optional die set, you can complete these kinds of repairs with very professional looking results.


Closed-Barrel Die-Set

Our Closed-Barrel die-set is shown above (p/n DSB). It handles brazed or butted barrel terminals from 22-8 AWG.


Standard Insulated Terminal Die-Set

Our Standard die-set for red, blue, and yellow insulated terminals is shown above (p/n DSC). It handles insulated terminals from roughly 18-10 AWG.


Miniature Insulated Terminal Die-Set

Our Miniature die-set for red, blue, and yellow insulated terminals is shown above (p/n DSD). It handles insulated terminals from roughly 20-14 AWG.


Complete Trio of Supplemental Die-Sets

Buy all three optional die-sets (DSB, DSC, DSD) in combination to maximize the versatility of your crimping tool and save some money over the individual die-set prices (p/n DSE).

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-- A Pair of Reasonably Priced High-Quality Terminal Extraction Tools for Multi-Pin Connector Housings --

This inexpensive pair of versatile high-quality tools work perfectly with either size of our locking spade terminals and the pair costs far less than you'd have to pay to buy two separate dedicated screwdriver-type extraction tools. Our retail price for these tools is $7.50 each, or $13.00 for the pair. You can order them as parts ET1 & ET2. Or, you can buy both tools for a modest discount, as part number ET3. To order, click on the PRICES button in the Navigation Bar to the left and scroll to the Tools section, near the bottom of the shopping cart page.

 +    = ET3




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