Collection: KITS

Please note that all of these kits are pre-packaged items. We do not offer component substitutions in any kit. Piece parts are listed in other sections of the web site, to allow creation of your own unique connection kit.

CRITICAL NOTE: The kits that are listed below and the crimp terminals that they're based on are designed for installation with an open-barrel crimping tool! Neither crimping them with needle-nose pliers and/or soldering them are acceptable alternatives to a proper installation. Those jury-rigged types of incorrect installations will void the manutacturer's warranty for the terminals, from the time the terminals are initially installed. You need to either already possess an open barrel crimping tool of your own, borrow one, or buy one (either here or elsewhere). If you're not going to properly install these OEM-style terminals, then YOU ARE WASTING YOUR MONEY BY BUYING THEM! Any cheap poor-quality junk electrical terminals will do just fine, if you're going to do a sloppy amateurish installation of them.