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Ratcheting Crimping Tool

Ratcheting Crimping Tool

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With standard open-barrel die set.


Our crimping tool manufacturer sells their tools worldwide, under a broad range of OEM brand names, such as GC Waldom, and Tool Aid, among many others. The tool pictured below is the only model of ergonomic crimping tool from that manufacturer that offers a patented 30% reduced-compressive-force design, for ease of prolonged use. The 30% reduced hand force results from this tool's patented re-design, not from it being "ergonomic." While any ergonomic crimping tool will be easier on the hands than a non-ergonomic tool will, it won't offer the same reduction in necessary hand-force that this particular tool does. We buy these tools factory-direct, by the pallet load, and we pass our factory-direct purchasing savings along to our customers. If you can even find this same tool and die set combination retailed anywhere else in the U.S., the odds are that the price for the complete tool and die-set combination will be noticeably higher than ours. Our goal is to provide you with a good reliable tool that allows our terminals to be correctly installed, without you having to pay an arm and a leg for it. Are there better crimping tools out there? Of course! But, do you want to spend hundreds of dollars on a crimping tool that's FAA-certified and intended for aircraft repairs, when our tool will produce results that are totally indistinguishable from the original factory wiring-harness crimps on your earthbound vintage Japanese cycle, truck, or car? You may drive, or ride, like a low-level flyer, but you don't have to repair your wiring with an expensive tool that's intended for working on a fighter jet! And our factory-certified tool will produce those crimps with 30% less compressive hand-force required. We will fully refund your original purchase price for this tool, if you're unhappy with it, or are unable to teach yourself how to use it. Just ship it back in undamaged condition. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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