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Vintage Connections

Solid Color 14 Gauge Primary Wire

Solid Color 14 Gauge Primary Wire

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Price is for one, 10 ft length.

You're buying high quality connectors and terminals, why use substandard wires? Our automotive grade primary wire is made from pure copper (no cheap copper-clad aluminum, here) and manufactured in the USA. It's temperature rated to 257°F (125°C) and is rated for use in engine compartments by the SAE (specification J-1128). Don't see the color or thickness you need? Email us at and we can probably get it for you! Please note: All wires are sold in pre-cut lengths. If you order two quantities of the 10 foot wire, you will not receive 20 continuous feet, you will receive two sections of 10 continuous feet. If you need continuous lengths in excess of the values we currently offer, please email us and let us know.

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